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Help stop the killing of sharks for souvenirs, Sign the petition!

Sharks are being killed for their jaws, teeth and even meat. Using body parts and even entire bodies for souvenirs and consumption. Our duty at Maya Bleu is to not only protect these majestic creatures but to save our marine life at all cost. Learn more and help conserve our shark species by signing this petition in article.

Check out some amazing Local Retailers in South Florida!

Want to see our candles in person before buying? Stop by some of these amazing local retailers!

(VIDEO tutorial) Planting Seeded Candle Duster in MAYA BLEU's Original Shark Tooth Candle

When candle fully melts you may add soil to the empty jar then place seeded candle duster on top of soil. Add a small amount of soil on top of the duster, then water and keep by light. Your candle jar will then grow a variety of wildflowers.This is more than a candle.

Shark Teeth As Old As Dinosaur Bones?!

Maya Bleu's Original Shark Tooth Candle provides some of the best fossilized shark teeth you will see to date. Whe...
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